Bonefro & Bonefrani in America

Bonefro (Photo by Egidio Cicoria, Courtesy Comune di Bonefro)

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Great video: Bonefro now!

The medieval village of Bonefro between history and legend on Telemolise in the episode of Viaggio in Molise

Great photo: Bonefro then!

Bonefrani celebrating a festival day in Bonefro, probably about 1910:
Festival day in Bonefro, probably about 1910

Recognize anyone you know? This photo probably dates to about 1910 and shows people celebrating a festival in Bonefro. Maybe one of those kids is your grandparent, great-grandparent or great-great-grandparent!

Discover your ancestors from Bonefro

I hope this site will become a vaulable resource for those who want to discover their ancestors from Bonefro and learn more about the Bonefrani who came to America.

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